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The PENpal is the latest generation of TalkingPEN. It is an award-winning device that attaches sound to paper! Books, posters and sticky labels can be brought to life with narrations in many languages, music, sound effects or even with your own voice recorded and accessed instantly.

Listen to pre-recorded narrations in many languages, or make your own recordings in other languages. You can purchase stickers that can be used to customise any resource. Create resources to suit every language need!

4GB Memory
USB rechargeable
Output socket for headphones or speakers
Built in microphone & speakers
Volume control
Listening & recording modes

Why use a TalkingPEN?
Learning happens most effectively when resources use a broad range of learning styles. The PENpal uses the touch-and-learn technique that children instinctively develop from birth. Along with aural and visual elements, this creates extremely engaging learning resources to fully support additional language learners. The benefits of hearing narrations or explanations in the home language are huge.
This is the ideal way to create an inclusive classroom or setting.

Teachers can customise their own resources to suit groups or individual learners. Add hours of information to an A4 sheet; use small quantities of printed text and then enhance this with recorded explanations, examples or personalised notes.

How will Learners Benefit?
The PENpal is one of the most versatile tools available for personalising learning. The multimodal approach opens up the curriculum for all kinds of learners and situations:

Building confidence in speaking, listening and storytelling
Learning languages
Working with parents/carers in family learning
Stimulating learners with Special Educational needs
Challenging gifted and talented pupils/students

The PENpal encourages independent learning, which can be guided by the pace of the user. The PENpal not only provides distinct support, but can also become the focus for learning, particularly during Collaborative Learning Activities.

Create Your Own Audio Resources
Teachers and children can record hours of audio content on to the PENpal and share recordings with others easily. The recordings are linked to Talking Stickers which can be fixed to reports, mindmaps, drawings, photographs, posters, toys...Record into your favourite picture book, bring the characters to life with sound and then listen back as many times as you like. Create audio instructions/explanations/labels to support and include additional language learners. Children can build confidence by recording their own narrations and then listening back to their voices instantly.


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